An e-petition has been set up. Please sign it. You can find by clicking on Improve Early Detection and Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

Please also download the Five pre-written letters to The Prime Minister, The Deputy Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Health, Your MP and Leader of the Opposition.

All you need to do is write your own address at the top and sign it, and additionally for your own MP add his or her address [4]. Alternatively, you can email them via WriteToThem using this pre-written content for you to 'copy and paste' into the on-line form.

This can be found at Lists of MPs. Of course if you are lucky enough to have as your MP one of the MPs to whom you are writing, then you won't need this!

For the sake of a few stamps and envelopes plus a few minutes of your time, you can make a real difference to the survival of people with Pancreatic cancer.

To learn more about Pancreatic Cancer and find out what you can do, look at these links:

Pancreatic Cancer Action

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

What's On-line?

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So Binley Woods On-line is a search engine?

No. There is already a range of good search engines and some are included in the Information and Advice Links section. Neither is Binley Woods On-line a 'news portal'. The content of the site is intended to help the villagers find direct links to local services including their Councillors and MP as well as helping local businesses advertise their services to the people living in and around the village. Binley Woods On-line also provides the opportunity for you to access the world wide web to advertise in much the same way that you would use the local paper.

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It was in the late 1920s that shops began to open. A grocer, newsagent, butcher and baker were all located along Rugby Road. They tended to replace the mobile services that operated until then. A mobile fish and chip van successfully operated from before the war until a permanent outlet was built in 1950. Some shops were run by local people starting off using their front rooms. Two commercial garages opened on Rugby Road at the start of the 1930s.

People in the side roads kept livestock such as chicken, pigs, sheep and goats. There was a chicken farm for most of the inter-war period on Heather Road and a nursery in Oakdale Road. There were few other smallholding enterprises though individuals made over their large plots to small scale market gardens. A few gypsy families who owned land, but not permanent homes, on the edge of the estate made a living based on scrap metal dealing.

Builders flourished and two in particular developed much of the semi-detached housing. It was the efforts of Edward Hanson in building twenty such houses in Woodlands Road that gained it the local nickname 'Hanson's Drive'. On Rugby Road, A. H. Smart and his family were responsible for 48 of the houses built.

Rugby Road received piped water within five years of the start of the development and street lighting by the end of the 1930s. The earliest properties were all large houses. The larger and more substantial buildings of Rugby Road set a standard that was not echoed in the side roads. In the first eight years 127 homes were constructed along Rugby Road despite the much greater frontage offered by the side roads. By 1939 eight of the 138 homes on Rugby Road were of timber construction, the rest solidly brick houses, three quarters being semi-detached. Many were set on subdivided plots that in size offered little more than could be found in a city suburb.

Safe drinking water could be obtained by 1929 from a couple of stand-pipe taps by the main road, but many people had arrangements with main road neighbours if they lived too far from the taps. The side roads had to make do with rain water collection tanks and wells until after the Second World War The only exception being Woodlands Road where the owner of most of the plots paid for the water mains to be extended from Rugby Road. The water table was quite shallow and wells rarely had to be dug more than fourteen feet deep, but soak-away from earth toilets could contaminate the water.

Things to do in Binley Woods

Come and spend several days of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of London. Discover Binley Woods in its splendor at any time of year: during winter it is chilly and white, in spring it is colourful and jolly, in summer it is tranquil and peaceful and autumn paints its trees and surroundings in vivid colours. Find this delightful village in the Rugby borough of Warwickshire and you will not get bored during your stay.

Outdoor activities in Binley Woods

Whether you come here alone, with a special company or with your family, you have plenty of things to do in this picturesque village. Although it is a modern village, for it was settled in 1920, Binley Woods has several charming terraces and bungalows that will encourage you to step in and salute the owner. Bring your camera with you, because there are many things that must be immortalized, from the green grass, lovely dwellings, friendly locals and beautiful forest.

If you are a bird watching enthusiast, make sure you will not leave your equipment at home. Get your binoculars because you might get lucky. Besides Stock Doves, Red-Legged Partridges, Long-Tailed Tit, Blue Tit and Jackdaws you can also spot some Siskins, Wood Warblers and Ospreys. Feel the thrills while waiting for birds to appear and enjoy the silence and tranquil surrounding you. Be as patient as you would be on 6annonce, you never know what beauty you will get to see!

Fly a kite if the wind will allow you. Go at the edge of the forest, nearby the heavenly shadows of the trees and practice your skills of launching and landing a kite. Control your single line kite, feel it like an extension of yours and feel as free and peaceful as your kite. Wind up the line when you are hungry and slowly bring the kite in to you, because you have to lay down your blanket and enjoy your delicious snack that you brought in your backpack.

Relieve from your burdens and worries

Lay on the grass, under the trees and meditate in the loneliness that surrounds you. Unwind from your stress and burdens, just live for the moment and take a nap, if you can sleep in nature. Let the chirping birds sing you a lullaby and slip into the world of sweet dreams. But you should bring your favourite book, too. Put away the electronic devices, close your phone and enjoy reading for hours, because there will be no one and nothing to disturb this lovely peace.

Observe the intricate branches of the trees, watch the little insects crawling on grass and under leaves and just feel the pleasure of not having to do anything. Count the green leaves, meditate to nothingness and do what your heart tells you. Savour each and every moment of your relaxing vacation in Binley Woods and go back to your home with your batteries fully charged. Spend several peaceful days in this lovely village and you will sure want to come back here again soon enough!

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