Where is Binley Woods?

There also appears to be another Binley Woods in Hampshire, not far from Basingstoke and close to another Stoke! In mid-February 2002, two homes in Binley Woods sold for over $280,000 - yes that right, US Dollars!. These properties were in a road called Binley Woods, in Hamilton Township, Warren County, Miami Valley, Dayton, Ohio, USA. How many more places called Binley Woods are there?

How old is Binley Woods?

Some of the older properties in the village are in the region of 70 years old, but Binley Woods as a population centre began to grow in the early post-war years. It's more recent claim to fame has been as one of the filming locations for BBC TV's 'Keeping Up Appearances'.

What facilities are there in Binley Woods?

There are just over one thousand private dwellings in the village, ranging from the modest to the lavish, encompassing maisonettes and flats, through bungalows, terraced and semi-detached houses to detached houses. The adult population numbers in excess of two thousand people

The village hall - opposite 'The Roseycombe' - hosts a number of community activities including a drama group, keep fit and religious worship. Binley Woods also has a post office, a library and a primary school, together with a range of shops and a petrol station.

What about the Educational Needs of the Children?

Originally, there were separate First and Second Schools. However, they have been combined for a number of years and the redundant site in the centre of the village, presently serving as the village green, is shortly to be redeveloped for housing. Secondary Education, however, for youngsters from Binley Woods, Brandon and Wolston is provided in Rugby, seven or eight miles distant. A fleet of buses and coaches provides the transport each day.

How well connected is Binley Woods?

Due to it's proximity to Coventry, many residents work in or near the city. However, because of it's good links to the motorway and trunk road system it is also a popular base for people working further afield. The border with Coventry is marked with the A46 Coventry Eastern By-Pass, providing links to the north with the M6, M69 and M1 and to the south with the A45, M1, M42 and M40. In addition, Binley Woods is home to a number of businesses including several involved with domestic and commercial building work. Entrance to Brandon Woods, Ferndale Road/Craven Avenue Brandon Woods, recently secured for everyone's future enjoyment by the efforts of local people formed into a registered charity, can be accessed from a gate at the junction of Ferndale Road and Craven Avenue.

So Binley Woods is only for Motorists?

No, Stagecoach provides a regular bus service. This operates along the main road. Some journies also run through to Walsgrave Hospital. Flexi-bus services supported by Warwickshire County Council also operate on certain days of the week providing wheelchair accessible facilities.

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