Parish Council Election - 9 April 2011

Binley Woods Parish Council will not face an election on 5 May after only nine people were nominated. Click here and then click "Download now" to see a full list of the persons nominated. Please visit the Adobe website if you cannot open this PDF document. In the Parish Leaflet issued in March, it was stated that of the then nine councillors, one would be standing down. In fact, two, Doug Hodkinson and Joan Feetenby have stood down. Had there been more than ten nominations, then an election would have taken place.

Changes to Bus Services in Binley Woods - 29 March 2011

Warwickshire County Council has announced that the budget for subsidising bus services is to be reduced by 45% as a result of the overall budget set by the Government. For Binley Woods, this means it is likely that there will be no evening bus services to Coventry or Rugby and that all Flexibus services will be withdrawn.

A paragraph on their website states "A summary indicating how individual communities are likely to be affected is displayed. However, it must be stressed that it is not possible to be precise at this stage as we have to embark on a programme of operator negotiations and in some cases, re-tendering of services. Due to the size and complexity of the exercise and the need for the County Council to meet its contractual commitments to existing service providers, this is likely to take up to six months before the revised bus network is in place". For further details and to download a copy of the proposals for other areas of Warwickshire, go to Facing the Challenge which also covers other Warwickshire County Council services, such as libraries, which are under threat.

Binley Woods Parish Council Elections (Correction) - 9 March 2011

Binley Woods Parish Councils website states that that nominations must be received by noon on 25 March. However, the Parish Council Newsletter which is circulating within the village and is also available to download on their website states that they must be "sent to the Returning Officer at Rugby Borough Council no later than noon on 4th April 2011". The Parish Council clerk, John Cook, has confirmed that 4th April 2011, is the correct date. The parish council have issued a leaflet to everyone in Binley Woods announcing a meeting on March 10th. There will be a meeting in the village hall on Thursday March 10th at 7.30pm to discuss the library and how we can keep it open. Binley Woods Parish Council ask villagers to come along and make your views known to our local councillor.

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